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  • 4tronix M.A.R.S. Rover Robot Kit voor Raspberry Pi Zero

    4tronix M.A.R.S. Rover Robot Kit voor Raspberry Pi Zero

    Geïnspireerd door NASA's Mars rovers Curiosity en Perseverance is de M.A.R.S. Rover van 4tronix een autonoom voertuig dat ontworpen is om op ruw terrein rond te rijden, maar dan op Aarde. Hij heeft dezelfde differentiele arm, tuimelarmen en draaistellen. M.A.R.S. is een acroniem voor 'Mobile Autonomous Robotic System'.Kenmerken 6 Motoren: 80 rpm 6 V, N20 micro-aandrijfmotoren 4 Servo's: MG90S analoge micro-aandrijf servo's met metalen tandwielen 4 FireLEDs Ultrasone afstandssensor op bestuurbare mast Totaal aantal speciale printplaten: 30 Aantal verschillende PCB-ontwerpen: 11 Lengte: 200 mm Breedte: 185 mm Hoogte met mast: 170 mm Gewicht exclusief Raspberry Pi Zero en batterijen: 460 gram Er is een Python-bibliotheekmodule beschikbaar voor de Raspberry Pi Zero waarmee het apparaat gemakkelijk kan worden bediend.Benodigdheden Raspberry Pi Zero 4 oplaadbare AA batterijen Downloads Montage van de 4tronix M.A.R.S. Rover kit Programmeren M.A.R.S. Rover op de Raspberry Pi Zero Codering met behulp van Microsoft Makecode op GitHub

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  • Kitronik Robotics Board for Raspberry Pi Pico

    Kitronik Kitronik Robotics Board for Raspberry Pi Pico

    The Robotics Board features 2 Dual H Bridge Motor Driver ICs. These are capable of driving 2 standard motors or 1 stepper motor each, with full forward, reverse, and stop control. There are also 8 servo outputs, capable of driving standard and continuous rotation servos. They can all be controlled by the Pico using the I²C protocol, via a 16 channel driver IC. The IO break out provides connections to all the unused pins on the Pico. The 27 available I/O pins allow other devices, such as sensors or ZIP LEDs, to be added to the board. Power is provided via either a terminal block or servo style connector. The supply is then controlled by an on/off power switch to the board and there is also a green LED to indicate when the board has power. The board then produces a regulated 3.3V supply which is fed into the 3 V and GND connections to power the connected Pico. This removes the need to power the Pico separately. The 3 V and GND pins are also broken out on the header, which means external devices can also be powered. To use the robotics board, the Pico should be firmly inserted into the dual row pin socket on the board. Ensure the Pico is inserted with the USB connector at the same end as the power connectors on the robotics board. This will allow access to all of the board functions and each pin is broken out. Features A compact yet feature-packed board designed to sit at the heart of your Raspberry Pi Pico robotics projects. The board can drive 4 motors (or 2 stepper motors) and 8 servos, with full forward, reverse, and stop control. It also features 27 other I/O expansion points and Power and Ground connections. The I²C communication lines are also broken out allowing other I²C compatible devices to be controlled. This board also features an on/off switch and power status LED. Power the board via either a terminal block or servo style connector. The 3V and GND pins are also broken out on the Link header, allowing external devices to be powered. Code it with MicroPython or via an editor such as the Thonny editor. 1 x Kitronik Compact Robotics Board for Raspberry Pi Pico Dimensions: 68 x 56 x 10 mm Requires Raspberry Pi Pico board

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  • Raspberry Pi Pico 6 DOF Robotarm van MakerFabs

    Makerfabs Raspberry Pi Pico 6 DOF Robotarm van MakerFabs

    Met het project uit deze kit stuur je de 6 servos van de robotarm aan met slechts zeer beperkt gebruik van MCU capaciteit, waardoor de Raspberry Pi Pico's MCU nog gemakkelijk andere taken aankan. Deze robotarm met 6 DOF* is een prima tool om robotica én Raspberry Pi Pico te leren programmeren en gebruiken. Leerzaam, maar vooral leuk! Inbegrepen in de kit zijn 5 MG996 (4 nodig in de assemblage en 1 als reserve) en 3 25-kg-servo's (2 nodig in de assemblage en 1 als reserve). Merk op dat voor de servo's de hoekschikking 0°~180° alle servo's vooraf moeten worden ingesteld op 90 graden vóór de assemblage om servoschade tijdens de beweging te voorkomen.Dit product bevat alle benodigde onderdelen om deze op Raspberry Pi Pico en MicroPython gebaseerde robotarm te maken.Het pakket bevat 1x Raspberry Pi Pico 1x Raspberry Pi Pico Servo Driver 1x De complete set '6 DOF Robot Arm' 1x 5 V/5 A Power Supply 2x Backup Servo (zie tekst) Downloads GitHub Wiki Assembly Guide Assembly Video *Een 'vrijheidsgraad' (DoF) met betrekking tot robotarmen is een onafhankelijk gewricht dat de arm vrij kan laten bewegen, hetzij in roterende, hetzij in translerende (lineaire) zin. Voor elke geometrische as waar een gewricht omheen kan draaien of zich langs kan uitstrekken, wordt dit geteld als één Degree of Freedom.

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  • SunFounder 4WD Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

    SunFounder SunFounder 4WD Robot Car Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

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    Features The Pico Car Kit is a Raspberry Pi Pico based, cool, robotics kit for beginners (12+ Teens) and adults to learn Raspberry Pi Pico programming, electronics assembling and robotics knowledge. (Raspberry Pi Pico with pre-soldered GPIO pins is included.) The Raspberry Pico Car is equipped with a variety of module, ultrasonic module, grayscale sensor, speed sensor, etc and three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards. In addition, this 4-wheel drive car with Pico RDP also can be DIY interesting functions. The Pico robot building kit can perform Obstacle Avoidance, Object Tracking, Speed Measurement, Mileage Calculation, Line Following and Cliff Detection. In addition, the car is surrounded by three 8-bit WS2812 RGB boards that are capable of displaying cool light effects and direction indications. In addition to providing MicroPython code and tutorials, the customizable application SunFounder Controller is also provided to control this robotic kit. The Raspberry Pi Pico-4WD robot car kit is completely Open Source, providing structure diagrams, module schematics and source code. Includes 3 8-Bit WS2812 RGB Boards Strip. Each LED can be Independently Controlled to Display a Myriad of Colors. Package List Raspberry Pi Pico × 1 Speed Module × 1 Grayscale Semsor Module × 1 8-Bit WS2812B RGB × 3 Pico RDP × 1 Encoder Disk × 2 Ultrasonic Module × 1 Motor × 4 Servo × 1 Top Plate × 1 Bottom Plate × 1 Support × 4 Radar support × 1 R2056 Rivet × 4 R2655 Rivet × 12 R3055 Rivet × 6 Battery Holder × 1 Wheel × 4 M1.5x 4 Self-tapping Screw × 4 M3x8 Self-tapping Screw × 4 M1.4x6 Screw × 6 M2.5x6Screw × 10 M3x6 Screw × 12 M3x28 Screw × 10 M1.4 Nut × 6 M3 Nut 6 × 12 M2.5 x 11Standoff × 6 M3X30 Standoff × 7 Screwdriver × 1 5-pin Wire × 2 4-pin Wire × 4 3-pin Wire × 5 Riboon × 1 USB Cable × 1 Zip Tie × 4 Online Tutorial https://docs.sunfounder.com/projects/pico-4wd-car

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  • Waveshare PicoGo Mobile Robot for Raspberry Pi Pico

    Waveshare Waveshare PicoGo Mobile Robot for Raspberry Pi Pico

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    The PicoGo is a smart mobile robot based on Raspberry Pi Pico, it includes ultrasonic module, LCD module, Bluetooth module, line following module, and obstacle avoidance module, all these functions are highly integrated for easily achieving IR obstacle avoidance, auto line following, Bluetooth/IR remote control, and more. With various advanced features, it will help you fast get started with smart robot design and development. Features Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header, supports Raspberry Pi Pico series Battery protection circuit: over charge/discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse proof, more stable and safe operating Recharge/Discharge circuit, allows programming/debugging concurrently while recharging 5-ch infrared sensor, analog output, combined with PID algorithm, stable line tracking Onboard multiple smart robot sensors like line tracking, obstacle avoidance, no more messy wiring 1.14-inch IPS colorful LCD display, 240 x135 pixels, 65K colors Integrates Bluetooth module, allows teleoperations like robot movement, RGB LED display color, buzzer, etc. by using mobile phone APP N20 micro gearmotors, with metal gears, low noise, high accuracy Colorful RGB LED IR obstacle avoidance The module sends IR beam and detects objects by receiving the reflected IR beam, to easily avoid obstacles in the way. Auto line following Features 5-ch IR detector for sensing and analysing the black line, combined with PID algorithm for adjusting robot movement, high sensitivity, stable tracking. Ultrasonic sensor Ultrasonic is generally faster and easy-to-calculate, suitable for functions like real time control, and obstacle avoidance, with the industrial practical ranging accuracy, it is widely used on robot research and development. Object tracking The robot is able to detect front object by ultrasonic or IR, and keeps moving to track the target automatically. IR remote control Integrates IR receiver, so that you can control the robot to move or turn direction by sending infrared light from the remote controller. Bluetooth remote control Comes with mobile phone APP, allows you to use the phone to control the movement of the robot, or control its peripherals like changing LED color, making the buzzer to sound, etc. RGB LED control Included 1x PicoGo base board 1x PicoGo acrylic panel 1x 1.14-inch LCD Module 1x Ultrasonic sensor x1 1x IR remote controller 1x USB-A to micro-B cable 1.2 m 1x PH2.0 8-Pin cable 5 cm opposite side headers 1x Mini cross wrench sleeve 1x Screwdriver 1x Screws and standoffs pack Required 1x Raspberry Pi Pico (pre-soldered header) 1x 5 V/3 A power supply 2x 14500 batteries Downloads Wiki

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