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Walabot Creator Pack – RF near-field Scanner for development and research

Walabot is a programmable sensor that looks into objects using radio frequency. It uses an antenna array to sense the area in front of it. The signals are produced and recorded by an integrated circuit, then they are communicated to the host (i.e. your PC) via an API.

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Walabot Creator Pack – RF near-field Scanner for development and research

  • Look inside walls (cement or dry walls) with your PC or RPi
  • Detects pipes, wires, wooden or metal studs, pests


  • The Creator Pack is a bare-board version (no case)
  • Expanded spatial sensing abilities
  • Radar mode API for 3D target tracking and monitoring
  • 15 antenna array
  • Works on Linux, Windows and Raspberry Pi (Download Walabot SDK)
  • 3D Radio-frequency sensor
  • Array of linearly polarized broadband antennas
  • Micro-USB connector
  • Single supply voltage 4.5-5 V input for non-USB power applications


  • Number of antennas: 15
  • Size: 72 mm x 140 mm
  • External powering option
  • Basic API functions
  • 2D acquisition
  • 3D acquisition
  • Breathing detection
  • Object detection
Important Note: The Creator Pack comes as a bare board whithout case. It cannot be used with the Android app as seen in the video.
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