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Red Pitaya for Test and Measurement (E-BOOK)

This e-book aims to teach the principles and applications of basic electronics by carrying out real experiments using the Red Pitaya (STEMlab). Many fun and interesting experiments are included!

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The Red Pitaya (STEMlab) is a credit card-sized, open-source test and measurement board that can be used to replace most measurement instruments used in electronics laboratories. With a single click, the board can transform into a web-based oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, signal generator, LCR meter, Bode plotter, and microcontroller.

The Red Pitaya can replace the many pieces of expensive measurement equipment found at professional research organisations and teaching laboratories. The device, that based on Linux, includes an FPGA, digital signal processing (DSP), dual core ARM Cortex processor, signal acquisition and generation circuitry, micro USB socket, microSD card slot, RJ45 socket for Ethernet connection, and USB socket – all powered from an external mains adaptor.

This e-book is an introduction to electronics. It aims to teach the principles and applications of basic electronics by carrying out real experiments using the Red Pitaya. The e-book includes many chapters on basic electronics and teaches the theory and use of electronic components including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, and operational amplifiers in electronic circuits. Many fun and interesting Red Pitaya experiments are included in the e-book. The e-book also makes an introduction to visual programming environment.

The e-book is written for college level and first year university students studying electrical or electronic engineering.

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