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Pixy2 CMUcam Pan/Tilt Kit

This redesigned mechanism for Pixy2 is smaller and faster than the pan-tilt for the original Pixy. It's quite easy to assemble and after connecting it to the Pixy2, you can start detecting and following colored objects.

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This is a kit for a pan-tilt mechanism explicitly designed for Pixy2. After assembling the kit and connecting it to Pixy2, you'll be able to follow colored objects using the Pan/Tilt demo.

It includes two laser-cut plastic pieces for the base, two different servos for the pan and tilt axes, and all the mounting hardware and cable ties you will need to assemble.


  • The pan-tilt mechanism for Pixy2 is redesigned, making it smaller and faster than the pan-tilt for the original Pixy.
  • All necessary hardware is included.
  • The pan-tilt base is attached directly to an Arduino with Arduino-compatible hole-pattern and includes stand-offs and fasteners.
  • Several pan-tilt demos are provided that can run using either Arduino, Raspberry Pi or stand-alone (no controller).

Complete assembly instructions

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Fabrikant Charmed Labs


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