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  • Bijna uitverkocht CircuitMess Nibble – DIY Game Console

    CircuitMess CircuitMess Nibble - DIY Game Console

    Features Processor: 32-bit, 160MHz Opslagruimte: 4 MB RAM: 80 KB Display: 1.4″ 128 x 128 full-color TFT Connectiviteit: WiFi Bouwtijd: 2 uur Programmering: C++ (Arduino), CircuitBlocks, Python Onderdelen Hoofdschakelbord Acryl behuizing Metalen soldeerboutstandaard Sponge Soldeerbout Soldeerdraad Kruisschroevendraaier AAA alkaline batterijen LCD-scherm Micro USB-kabel Tasje met kleine onderdelen Batterijhouder Hier vind je de handleiding voor het in elkaar zetten van je CircuitMess Nibble - DIY Game Console.

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  •  -40% CircuitMess Spencer – DIY Voice Assistant

    CircuitMess CircuitMess Spencer - DIY Voice Assistant

    Features Ask about the weather forecast for your area Hear a joke Ask him to sing you a song Set a stopwatch Make Spencer display custom animations Laugh at his corny popular culture references Included Spencer’s circuit board that includes a pre-soldered 144-pixel LED grid The brain board – does smart stuff and includes a dual-core processor, a 16 MB flash memory chip, and power-management circuitry Acrylic casing – this protects Spencer’s innards from the outside world A big red button Various smaller components such as resistors and pushbuttons Micro USB cable for powering your Spencer 5W Speaker Instruction booklet – ready for your offline knowledge consumption Here you can find the assembly guide!

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  •  -18%Bijna uitverkocht CircuitMess Chatter – DIY LoRa Communicator

    CircuitMess CircuitMess Chatter - DIY LoRa Communicator

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    Build & code your own LoRa communication deviceChatter is a DIY encrypted wireless communicator. It is a free, private, security-first texting device that teaches about electronics and coding. It comes in a pair because texting yourself is not as fun as you think.Chatter uses low-power 'LoRa' wide area network technology to send text messages, emojis, memes and GIFs.DIY walkie talkie with peculiar superpowersChatter uses long-range, low power communication (LoRa), which encodes information similar to the way dolphins and bats communicate!Comes in a pair but keeps all of your secrets Ready to become James to your Bond? Use your own private network to scramble text into a secret code that only other Chatter devices will see. Sending texts for free has never been cooler! Pairing is caring Create a whole network of friends to share your secrets with. Create avatars, customize chat features, play games, or send personalized texts, because texting yourself is not as fun as you think. Easy to follow instructions Anatomy guide: Learn about parts that make Chatter work Build guide: Step-by-step guide with 100+ photos Usage guide: Tips & tricks on how to use Chatter Coding guide: Beginner-friendly with detailed instructions Included Main circuit board Antenna Display board Button caps Acryllic casing Battery holders with batteries Pushbuttons Piezo buzzer Brass standoffs On-Off switches Metal bolts

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