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  • Build Your Own Multifunctional 4-Axis CNC Machine

    Build Your Own Multifunctional 4-Axis CNC Machine

    Plot, Cut, Drill, Mill and Laser with the Z99This book covers the construction, hardware, software, and operation of the Z99 – CNC machine. This is a multifunctional 4-axis machine for home construction.The capabilities of the Z99 machine include: large-format schematic plotting PCB plotting with etch-resist pens schematic plotting with conductive-ink pens letter cutting out of vinyl paper cutting PCB/substrate drilling PCB/substrate milling text milling laser engraving laser cutting of solder paste masks By making the support software available as freeware, readers of the book are challenged and encouraged to develop new applications for the Z99.The machine would not be of much use if the user has no option to create suitable files for the designs in mind. A large part of this book is dedicated to creating source files in a variety of freeware software packages, including Inkscape, DesignSpark PCB, KiCad, and FlatCAM.The book is also useful for readers keen to comprehend and then master the basic structure of HPGL, Gerber, Drill, and G-code files, as well as to have a go at deciphering them using software.

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  •  -14% 3D Modeling and Printing for Electronics

    3D Modeling and Printing for Electronics

    Learn to 3D Model & 3D Print with TinkercadWith this book and the complementary videos, you’ll be 3D printing in no time at all. This course is meant to have you make casings for electronic components but also goes into optimizing your print technique as well as adding a little flair to your 3D creations. The course is perfect for you if you just bought your (first) 3D printer and want to print your own designs as soon as possible while also being able to get more background information.You’ll get to know the workings of a 3D printer and what software to use to model your object, not forgetting to make it print perfectly. We’ll even use the magic of 3D printing to create things that appear impossible to make (this fast and simple) with any other rapid-prototyping technique.At the end of this course, it’ll be second nature for you to design an object for 3D printing and fine-tune your print-setting to get the perfect print!The book includes the following 7 video tutorials: Introduction Basic 3D modeling for 3D printing Modeling a casing Post-processing Pushing the limits Movable parts Snap fits

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  • Bijna uitverkocht Motors for Makers

    Motors for Makers

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    Makers kunnen verbazingwekkende dingen doen met motoren. Ja, ze zijn ingewikkelder dan sommige andere circuitelementen, maar met dit boek kun je ze helemaal onder de knie krijgen. Als je dat eenmaal doet, worden ongelooflijke nieuwe projecten mogelijk. In tegenstelling tot andere boeken is Motoren voor Makers 100% gericht op wat je kunt doen. Geen theorie. Maken. Van begin tot eind leert u door middel van praktische voorbeelden, glasheldere uitleg en foto's. Als je ooit hebt gedroomd van wat je zou kunnen doen met elektrische motoren, stop dan met dromen...en begin met maken! Begrijp waarom elektromotoren zo veelzijdig zijn en hoe ze werken Kies de juiste motor voor elk project Bouw de schakelingen die nodig zijn om elk type motor aan te sturen Programmeer motorbesturing met Arduino Mega, Raspberry Pi, of BeagleBone Black Gebruik motorreductoren om de juiste hoeveelheid koppel te krijgen Gebruik lineaire motoren om snelheid en precisie te verbeteren Ontwerp een volledig functioneel elektronisch snelheidscontrolecircuit (ESC) Ontwerp je eigen quadcopter Ontdek hoe elektromotoren werken in moderne elektrische voertuigen--met een fascinerende blik op Tesla’s patenten voor motorontwerp en -regeling! Inhoudsopgave: Hoofdstuk 1: Inleiding tot elektrische motorenHoofdstuk 2: Inleidende conceptenHoofdstuk 3: GelijkstroommotorenHoofdstuk 4: StappenmotorenHoofdstuk 5: ServomotorenHoofdstuk 6: WisselstroommotorenHoofdstuk 7: Tandwielen en tandwielmotorenHoofdstuk 8: Lineaire motorenHoofdstuk 9: Motoren besturen met de Arduino MegaHoofdstuk 10: Motoren besturen met de Raspberri PiHoofdstuk 11: Motoren besturen met de BeagleBone BlackHoofdstuk 12: Een op Arduino gebaseerd elektronisch snelheidsregelcircuit (ESC) ontwerpenHoofdstuk 13: Een quadcopter ontwerpenHoofdstuk 14: Elektrische voertuigenAanhangsel A: Elektrische generatorenAanhangsel B: Woordenlijst

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  • Getting Started with 3D Carving

    Make Getting Started with 3D Carving

    Learn the basics of designing and making things with Inventables' software (Easel) and 3D carving machines (X-Carve and Carvey) This book was written for people who have never carved before. It teaches the basics of designing and making things with Inventables' software (Easel) and 3D carving machines (X-Carve and Carvey). It showcases five step-by-step projects you can build yourself as a beginner, including an inspiration tile, kitchen cutting board, custom block stamp, fidget spinner, and balsa wood glider. The book also features a gallery of aspirational projects, like an electric guitar and a box joint toolbox, to show what else is possible through 3D carving. The design files and instructions for these more complex projects can be found on the Inventables website. Projects Included Participate in the world's largest mosaic tile wall Build a glider to your own specifications Create your own inlay cutting boards Carve a fidget spinner toy Craft wooden 3D stamps you can use to create your own greeting cards

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