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  • Abc of Capacitors (E-book)

    Würth ABC of Capacitors (E-book)

    Contents Basic principles This chapter imparts basic knowledge on the relationships between the electric field, permittivity, as well as the structure and operating principles of a capacitor. Capacitor characteristics Here the electrical parameters and essential characteristics of a capacitor are explained in greater detail for the reader. This extends from the actual capacitance of a capacitor through to the interdependencies. Capacitor types Existing capacitor types and their characteristics are presented. Film, electrolyte and ceramic capacitors are considered in detail.

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  • The LTspice XVII Simulator (E-book)

    Würth The LTspice XVII Simulator (E-book)

    Commands and Applications With more than 20 million users worldwide, LTspice XVII is the industry’s definitive electronic simulation software. The pure power, speed and accuracy of its simulations and its robustness make it an irreplaceable tool. This book is both an exhaustive operating manual for the latest version and an invaluable collection of examples and procedures with nearly 700 illustrations, covering everything from initially getting to grips with LTspice XVII to its exact application and extensive use. It will probably answer every question that’s likely to arise during training. All commands and definitions are detailed and classified by topic to make referencing the LTSpice XVII knowledge fast and easy.

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  • Abc of Power Modules (E-book)

    Würth Abc of Power Modules (E-book)

    Functionality, structure and handling of a power module For readers with first steps in power management the “Abc of Power Modules” contains the basic principles necessary for the selection and use of a power module. The book describes the technical relationships and parameters related to power modules and the basis for calculation and measurement techniques. Contents Basics This chapter describes the need of a DC/DC voltage converter and its basic functionality. Furthermore, various possibilities for realizing a voltage regulator are presented and the essential advantages of a power module are mentioned. Circuit topologies Circuit concepts, buck and boost topologies very frequently used with power modules are explained in detail and further circuit topologies are introduced. Technology, construction and regulation technology The mechanical construction of a power module is presented, which has a significant influence on EMC and thermal performance. Furthermore, control methods are explained and circuit design tips are provided in this chapter. Measuring methods Meaningful measurement results are absolutely necessary to assess a power module. The relevant measurement points and measurement methods are described in this chapter. Handling The aspects of storage and handling of power modules are explained, as well as their manufacturing and soldering processes. Selection of a power modules Important parameters and criteria for the optimal selection of a power module are presented in this section.

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  • Trilogy of Magnetics, 5th Edition (E-book)

    Würth Trilogy of Magnetics, 5th Edition (E-book)

    Design Guide for EMI Filter Design, SMPS & RF Circuits The book focuses on the selection of components, circuitry and layout recommendations for a wide array of magnetics components, always keeping in mind an EMC point of view. Contents Basic principles The most important laws and foundations of inductive components, equivalent circuit diagrams and simulation models give the reader a basic knowledge of electronics. Components This chapter introduces inductive components and their special properties and areas of use. All relevant components are explained, from EMC components and inductors to transformers, RF components, circuit protection components, shielding materials and capacitors. Applications In this chapter, the reader will find a comprehensive overview of the principle of filter circuits, circuitry and numerous industrial applications that are explained in detail based on original examples.

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  • Trilogy of Connectors, 3rd Edition (E-book)

    Würth Trilogy of Connectors, 3rd Edition (E-book)

    Contents Basic principles A connector is an electromechanical system that provides a separable connection between two subsystems of an electronic device without an unacceptable effect on the performance of the device. It will be shown that there are a lot of complex parameters to handle properly to make this statement true. Design / Selection / Assembly This chapter provides an overview of design and material requirements for contact finishes, contact springs and connector housings as well as the major degradation mechanisms for these connector components. To complete this chapter, material selection criteria for each will also be reviewed. Additionally the Level of Interconnection (LOI) was integrated into this chapter as it addresses, where the connector is used within an electronic system and therefore influences the requirements and durability of the connector depending on its use. Applications This chapter is heading to the practical work and shows how customers use connectors in their applications to offer some possibilities and to ease your daily work. Additionally it contains some special topics like tin-whisker or impedance of ZIF cable to offer you extended background knowledge.

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