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    Ikalogic Ikalogic SP209 9-ch Logic Analyzer & Protocol Decoder

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    SP209 series logic analyzers rely on ScanaStudio software (runs Windows, Mac and Linux) to capture, display, analyze and decode signals. Most industry standard protocols can be interpreted, among which: SPI, I²C, USART, 1-Wire, CAN, LIN, IC, RS232, RS485, TWI and much more (click for full list of supported protocol decoders) Features 9 logic channels with adjustable thresholds (1.8 V, 2.5 V, 3.3 V, 5 V) State of the art input stage, with Schmitt triggers that eliminate glitches on slow signals 200 MHz sampling rate, with all 9 channels used. External clock option (state mode), up to 50 MHz Precise trigger-In and trigger-Out signals on SMA ports Samples compression and streaming via USB. 2 GB DDR-3 memory kicks-in when USB isn't fast enough. Guaranteed performances on all hosts. SP series logic analyzers compress and stream captured signals via USB 2.0 to a Windows, Linux or MacOS machine. USB bandwidth can be variable from a system to another and is practically limited to 20 MB/s. That's why SP logic analyzers have an embedded 2 GB DDR-3 memory that buffers captured samples at 1.6 GB/s, overcoming USB limitations. Trigger options Edge trigger Logic change on one or various channels Trigger on a sequence of timed logic signals Trigger on a protocol word or event (like serial word or I²C address acknowledge) External trigger input Trigger output Dual stage trigger (Ex: Edge trigger, then, Trigger on I²C address). Typical applications Designed for performance, SP series logic analyzers offer the possibility to capture and analyze 9 channels of logic signals and industrial buses at a rate of 200 MHz. This is perfectly adapted for demanding applications, where it is needed to capture logic signals with maximum resolution on all 9 channels. Embedded systems development and debugging Research and educational Serial protocols analysis, like I²C, SPI, UART or 1-Wire (non-exhaustive list) Industrial bus analysis: RS232, RS485, CAN, LIN ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) diagnostic Reverse engineering ScanaStudio application packs all the features you need to capture, measure and analyze analog signals. It's available free of charge for the major platforms below. The application is regularly updated, please check the release notes here ScanaStudio can be downloaded free of charge here. All decoders are free and open source and accessible in the GitHub repository.

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  •  -8%Bijna uitverkocht Peak UTP05E Network Cable Analyser – Ultimate Atlas IT Kit

    Peak Peak UTP05E Network Cable Analyser - Ultimate Atlas IT Kit

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    Peak UTP05E is a comprehensive CAT 5/5e/6 network cable analyser with superb accessories. Easy to use and very fast. Automatically identifies cable type (Straight through, cross-over, token ring etc) and verifies all the connections. Faults are clearly displayed and explained on screen. The Atlas IT will even instruct you on making up standard and special cables, complete with wire colors. Display type is alphanumeric LCD (not backlit). Features Automatic connection pattern recognition. Rapid assessment of all 8 wires within your cable. Identifies missing connections, shorted connections or incorrect connections. Will display the identity number of the 'identified' terminators to allow for easy testing and identification of multiple cable runs. Can display common cable colour codes to help you make up cables. Included UTP05 instrument. 2 miniature terminators to plug into another end of the cable run. 4 short patch cables to enable testing of patch panels and wall sockets. 24 miniature identified terminators, great for testing and identifying multiple cable runs. Pair of RJ11-to-RJ45 adapters to allow for easy testing of RJ11 based cabling. RJ45 to 8 x gold plated crocodile adapter for testing unterminated cables. Detailed printed user guide, complete with full-colour Ethernet wiring chart for common cable configurations. Alkaline battery installed and a spare alkaline battery. All supplied in a durable padded carry case. Specifications Category Cat 5, 5e, 6 (UTP) Connection type RJ45 plug or socket (RJ11 using supplied adapter set) Lines tested 8 lines (shielding not tested) Max. cable length 150 metres (500 feet) Test voltage ±5 V Test current ±2.5 mA Temperature range 10°C to 50°C (50°F to 122°F) Battery operating range 7 V to 13 V Battery type GP23, L1128, MN21, V23 (12 V Alkaline) Instrument dimensions 103 x 70 x 20 mm (4.1' x 2.8' x 0.8') Terminator dimensions 18 x 15 x 14 mm (0.7' x 0.6' x 0.6') Downloads Datasheet (EN) User Guide (EN) User Guide (DE) User Guide (FR) Common Ethernet Wiring Diagrams Avoid socket damage

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  • Seeed Studio RF Explorer 3G Combo – Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

    Seeed Studio Seeed Studio RF Explorer 3G Combo - Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

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    You can use RF Explorer 3G Combo equally well outdoor and indoor, and you can also connect it to a PC for extra functionality using standard mini-USB 2.0 connector. This model includes a WSUB1G baseline unit plus an RFEMWSUB3G Expansion Module conveniently assembled and tested. It comes with two SMA connectors and two antennas,a dual band telescopic 144 / 430 MHz antenna for all Sub-GHz frequencies and a whip helical antenna for 2.4 GHz band. Additional, specific band antennas may be needed to cover efficiently some of the frequencies supported. The combination of these two models offer the wide band coverage of the WSUB3G module, together with the highest sensitivity and quick response of the WSUB1G model for the popular sub-1GHz frequencies. Features Pocket size and light weight Solid aluminum metal case Includes a transport EVA carry case for RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes Lifetime free firmware upgrades available, open to community requested features High capacity Lipo for 16 hours+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB Windows PC client Open Source Can be extended with internal Expansion Modules for additional band and functionality Wide band coverage to all popular RF frequencies, starting at 15 MHz and going up to 2.7 GHz. This includes very interesting frequency areas such as 2 m HAM radio, all VHF and UHF, FM radio, GPS, WiFi and WiMax, Bluetooth, etc. Firmware: RF Explorer 3G Combo is delivered with upgraded firmware v1.09. Note some of the features and operation accuracy will be improved in upcoming free firmware revisions. Documentation For more info and to get started with your RF Explorer, visit the start page. For questions and support, please visit Specifications Battery Lithium Cells / Batteries contained in equipment UN3481 - PI967 Frequency band 15-2700 MHz Frequency span 112 KHz - 600 MHz Graphics LCD 128 x 64 pixels, great visibility outdoors PC Windows client supports Windows XP/Vista/Win7 both 32 and 64bits Backlight for great indoor visibility 2 standard SMA 50 ohms connector, one for Sub-GHz wideband Nagoya NA-773 telescopic antenna included and another 2.4 GHz one for 15-2700 MHz band with helical antenna included. Amplitude resolution 0.5 dBm Dynamic range Left SMA port (WSUB1G) -115 dBm to 0 dBm Right SMA port (WSUB3G) -110 dBm to -10 dBm Absolute Max input power Left SMA port (WSUB1G) +5 dBm Right SMA port (WSUB3G) +30 dBm Average noise level (typical) -110 dBm Frequency stability and accuracy (typical) +-10 ppm Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical) +-6 dBm Frequency resolution 1 KHz Resolution bandwidth (RBW) automatic 3 KHz to 600 KHz Weight 185 g Size 113 x 70 x 25 mm Included RF Explorer 3G Combo Nagoya NA-773 wideband telescopic antenna 2.4 GHz band antenna EVA Case

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  • Bijna uitverkocht OWON XSA1015-TG Spectrum Analyser (9 kHz – 1.5 GHz)

    OWON OWON XSA1015-TG Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz - 1.5 GHz)

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    The OWON XSA1015-TG Spectrum Analyzer offers a variety of features that will make it an indispensable part of your lab. Features Frequency Range from 9 kHz up to 1.5 GHz 150 dBm Displayed Average Noise Level Phase Noise -82dBc/Hz @1 Gz and offset at 10 KHz Total Amplitude Accuracy <1.5dB 10 Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) EMI Pre-compliance Test Kit 1.5 GHz Tracking Generator Kit 10.4 inches display Specifications Frequency Specification Frequency Range 9kHz - 1.5 GHz Resolution 1Hz Frequency span Range 0 Hz, 100 Hz to maximum frequency of device Accuracy ± span /?swept points -1? Internal reference Reference frequency 10.000000 MHz Temperature stability < 2.5 ppm (15 ? to 35 ?? Aging rate < 1 ppm / year Bandwidth Resolution bandwidth (-3 dB) 10 Hz to 500 kHz (in 1 to 10 sequence), 1 MHz, 3 MHz Video bandwidth (-3 dB) 10 Hz to 3 MHz Amplitude Specification Displayed average noise level?DANL? Input attenuation 0 dB?1Hz resolution bandwidth Preamp off 1 MHz ~ 10 MHz - 140 dBm?nominated?10 MHz ~ 1GHz - 140 dBm?nominated?1 GHz ~ 1.5 GHz - 138 dBm (nominated) Preamp on <-82 dBc / Hz @ 10 kHz offset<-100 dBc / Hz @ 100 kHz offset<-110 dBc / Hz @ 1 MHz offset Level display range Log scale coordinate 1 dB ~ 255 dB Linear scale coordinate 0 to reference level level unit dBm, dBuW, dBpW, dBmV, dBuV, W, V Points 201 ~ 1001 Number of traces 5 Detectors Positive-peak, negative-peak, sample, normal, RMS Trace functions Clear write, Max Hold, Min Hold, View, Blank, Average Accuracy Input Attenuation Switching Uncertainty 20? ~ 30?, fc=50 MHz, Preamplifier Off, 20dB RF attenuation, input signal 0~39 dB±0.5 dB Absolute Amplitude Uncertainty 20? ~ 30?, fc=50 MHz, RBW=1 kHz, VBW=1 kHz, peak detector, 20 dB RF attenuationPreamplifier Off ±0.4 dB, input signal= -20 dBmPreamplifier On ±0.5 dB, input signal= -40 dBm Uncertainty input signal range 0 dbm ~ -50 dbm±1.5 dB VSWR input 10 dB RF attenuation?1 MHz ~ 1.5GHz<1.5, nominal Tracking generator Output frequency range 100 kHz ~ 1.5 GHz Output power level range -30 dBm ~ 0 dBm Output power level resolution 1dB Output flatness +/-3 dB Maximum safe reverse level Average total power: 30 dBm, DC: ±50 VDC Inputs and Outputs Front panel RF input connector 50 ??N-type female Front panel track generator output 50 ??N-type female 10 M reference input 50 ??N-type female Communication port USB Host, USB Device, LAN, earphone port, and VGA General technical specification Display TFT LCD, 10.4 inches Weight 5.0 kg Dimension (W x H x D) 421 x 221 x 115 mm Downloads User manual Quick guide Datasheet PC software

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  • Seeed Studio RF Explorer WSUB1G+ Slim

    Seeed Studio Seeed Studio RF Explorer WSUB1G+ Slim

    Features Internal LNA amplifier and selectable attenuator Low frequency support from 50KHz covering LF, MF, HF, VHF and UHF up to 960Mhz New HELP and SET buttons to improve user interface and configuration selection with 2-clicks Wide band coverage to all popular sub-1Ghz bands, including FM, TV and DTV, ISM, RFID, GSM, etc. Ideal choice for HAM bands from 160meters to 33cm Pocket size and light weight Solid metal case Spectrum Analyzer mode with Peak Max and Hold, Normal, Overwrite and Averaging modes High capacity internal Lithium battery for 20hs+ of continuous run, rechargeable by USB Multi-platform Windows/Linux/MacOS Open Source software and API libraries Can be extended with internal Expansion Modules for additional band and functionality Specification Frequency band: 0.05 MHz - 960 MHz Frequency span: 0.1 MHz - 960 MHz Internal selectable LNA 25 dB gain Internal selectable Attenuator 30 dB Graphics LCD 128 x 64 pixels, great visibility outdoors Support included for Windows, Linux and MacOS X Backlight for great visibility indoor Internal Lithium Ion 1800mA/h rechargeable battery Standard SMA 50 ? connector Wideband 144/433MHz dual band telescopic antenna included UHF 400-900 MHz rubber duck articulated antenna included Amplitude resolution: 0.5dBm Dynamic range: -125 dBm to 10 dBm Absolute Max input power: +30dBm Average noise level (typical LNA): -125 dBm Frequency stability and accuracy (typical): +-10 ppm Amplitude stability and accuracy (typical): +-2d Bm Frequency resolution: 1kHz Resolution bandwidth (RBW): automatic 2.6 kHz to 600 kHz Part List 1x Spectrum Analyzer 1x Mini USB cable 1x Dual band 144/430MHz Telescopic antenna 1x UHF 400-900Mhz antenna 1x EVA case

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  • Bijna uitverkocht OWON XSA810 Spectrum Analyser (9 kHz – 1 GHz)

    OWON OWON XSA810 Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz - 1 GHz)

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    The OWON XSA810-TG 9 kHz-1 GHz is a cost-effective spectrum analyzer with a tracking generator included and a frequency resolution of 1 Hz. Specifications Frequency Frequency Range 9 kHz to 1 GHz Frequency Resolution 1 Hz Frequency Span Range 0 Hz, 100 Hz to the max. frequency range Aging Rate <1 ppm/year Frequency Counter Resolution 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz Resolution Bandwidth (-3 dB) 1 Hz to 1 MHz @ 1-10 step, 1 MHz, 3 MHz Video Bandwidth (-3 dB) 1 Hz to 1 MHz Phase Noise (20 ? to 30 ?, c = 1 GHz) Phase noise <-80 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset <-100dBc/Hz@ 100 kHz offset <-115dBc/Hz@ 1 MHz-500MHz offset Level Unit dBm, dBuW, dBpW, dBmV, dBuV, W, V Trace Detectors positive-peak, negative-peak, sample, normal, RMS, average, quasi-peak Trace Functions clear write, max hold, min hold, view, blank, average, trace math VSWR 300 kHz to 1.5 GHz when input > 10 dB nominal when input < 1.5dB Display 9' 1280x800 pixels TFT LCD Communication Interface USB host, USB device, LAN, earphone port, HDMI

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  • UNI-T UT512D Insulation Resistance Tester (2.5 kV)

    Uni-Trend UNI-T UT512D Insulation Resistance Tester (2.5 kV)

    The UT512D is a digital high-voltage insulation resistance tester, designed with multiple ranges including 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V. It is an ideal measurement meter for electric power, telecommunication, meteorology, machine room, oilfield, electromechanical installation and maintenance, and power supply department of Industry and mining enterprise. Features Output voltage range: Up to 2.5 KV PI/DAR measurement Short circuit current measurement Automatic leakage current display Stepping voltage: 10% of the range High voltage alarm Automatic discharge Data storage: 999 sets PC software analysis: Via USB Specifications Rated voltage Accuracy 250 V <0.25 MΩ 0.25 MΩ~4.99 GΩ ±(5%+5) 5.00 GΩ~24.9 GΩ ±(20%+10) 25.0 GΩ~100 GΩ 500 V <0.50 MΩ 0.50 MΩ~9.99 GΩ ±(5%+5) 10.0 GΩ~49.9 GΩ ±(20%+10) 50.0 GΩ~200 GΩ 1000 V <1.00 MΩ 1.00 MΩ~19.9 GΩ ±(5%+5) 20.0 GΩ~99.9 GΩ ±(20%+10) 100 GΩ~400 GΩ 2500 V <2.50 MΩ 2.50 MΩ~49.9 GΩ ±(5%+5) 50.0 GΩ~249 GΩ ±(20%+10) 250 GΩ~1.00 TΩ Capacitance test NA ±(15%+3) Low resistor test NA ±(2%+10) Output voltage (Rating) Stepping voltage range Step by 10% of each range each time, and adjust the voltage range to 50%~120% of each range:Display accuracy: ±(10% read+10V)Output accuracy: ±(0%~20%) 250 V 350 V, 275 V, 300 V 500 V 300 V, 350 V, 400 V, 450 V, 500 V, 550 V, 600 V 1000 V 500 V, 600V, 700 V, 800 V, 900 V, 1000 V, 1100 V, 1200 V 2500 V 1250 V, 1500 V, 1750 V, 2000 V, 2250 V, 2500 V DC voltage 30~1000 VDC ±(3%+5) AC voltage 30~750 VAC ±(3%+5) 50 Hz/60 Hz Current 0.01 nA~3.5 mA Short-circuit current approx. 3.5 mA Dimensions 238 x 166 x 90.5 mm Weight approx. 1800 g (including batteries) Included 1x Manual 3x Test leads (red, black, green) 1x USB cable 8x LR14 alkaline batteries 1x Carrying strap Downloads Datasheet Manual Software

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  •  -10%Bijna uitverkocht Qoitech Otii Arc – Power Supply, Power Meter and Data Acquisition

    Qoitech Otii Arc - Power Supply, Power Meter and Data Acquisition

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    Otii Arc is the ultimate developer tool for designing highly energy-efficient devices. It is an easy-to-use, all-in-one, featured-packed tool for every developer's table.It records currents and voltages and displays them in real-time as charts and interactive measurements for analysis and comparisons. Recordings can be synchronized with UART debug logs, giving insights into what drains the energy.Otii Arc is compact, portable, and powered via USB from your laptop (DC supply is optional). It comes with a lifetime subscription of Otii software (standard version), a powerful and easy-to-use desktop application for Ubuntu, Windows & macOS, download here. Channels 10 Sampling Rate 4 kSa/s Main Current (<19.5mA) 1 kSa/s other channels Power Supply Voltage 5 V USB optional 7 V - 9 V DC, up to 5 A Power Consumption < 1 W Operating Temperature 15 °C – 25 °C Storage Temperature -20 °C - 60 °C Cooling Method Convection Dimensions 145 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm Weight 500 g Maximum Measurement Length No limits Testing Modes Main Voltage, Main Current, ADC Voltage, ADC Current, Sense+ Voltage, Sense- Voltage, GPI1 level, GPI2 level, UART RX, UART TX Maximum Output Voltage 3.75 V (USB supply, auto range) 4.20 V (USB supply, high range) 4.55 V (DC supply, auto range) 5.00 V (DC supply, high range) Maximum Output Current 5.0 A peak 2.5 A continuous Maximum Input Voltage 5 V on any pin Maximum Input Current 2.5 A sink capability Range Accuracy Resolution Voltage 5 V ±?0.1% + 1.5 mV) 1 mV Current ±19.5 mA±2.7 A2.7 A - 5.0 A ±?0.1% + 50 nA)±?0.1% + 150 uA)±?1%) 5 nA82 uA1.5 mA For more information, click here.Included Qoitech OTii ARC USB to micro-USB cable

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  • Great Scott Gadgets LUNA – Multi-tool for Building, Analyzing, and Hacking USB Devices

    Great Scott Gadgets Great Scott Gadgets LUNA - Multi-tool for Building, Analyzing, and Hacking USB Devices

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    Out-of-the-box, LUNA acts as a USB protocol analyzer capable of capturing and analyzing traffic between a host and any Low-, Full-, or High-Speed (“USB 2.0”) USB device. It works seamlessly with our open-source ViewSB software, which translates captured USB traffic into a human-readable format. ViewSB runs on Linux, MacOS, Windows, and FreeBSD.Combined with the LUNA software and the FaceDancer libraries, LUNA becomes a versatile USB-hacking and development tool. FaceDancer makes it quick and easy to create or tamper with real USB devices – not just emulations – even if you don’t have experience with digital-hardware design, HDL, or FPGA architecture!

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