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USB/TTL Serial Cable 5V (080213-71)

USB/TTL Serial Cable 5V

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USB cable with 6 way 0.1" pitch single inline connector with +5V signalling.

This adapter cable provides connectivity between USB and Serial UART interfaces. The I/O pins of this FTDI cable are configured to operate at 5V. It is based on the FT232RQ, which is housed in a USB A connector. The 6-way 0.1" pitch connector provides RTS, RX, TX, 5V, CTS and GND (RTS is the green cable and GND is the black one).

With this cable you can program Arduino Pro, T-Board 28, T-Board Wireless and other 'FTDI Cable-compatible' boards.

Artikelnummer 14564
Redactie-nummer 080213-71
Product range Hardware
Rubriek Diverse elektronica

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