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Universal Measurement Amplifier/Attenuator (Gerber)

A computer is very suitable for making (audio) measurements thanks to the sound card that is usually built in. Unfortunately, the audio input on laptops is usually too sensitive to measure somewhat larger AC voltages. A small amplifier/attenuator circuit then comes in very handy!

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This product is sold as a downloadable Gerber file. It contains the data required to have this PCB produced professionally by a PCB manufacturer. We recommend www.elektorpcbservice.com. Please note that this Gerber File is copyright protected.

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Normale prijs US$ 9,00

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If you build or repair audio equipment yourself, you don’t always need an os- cilloscope. Any direct current or volt- age can be measured with a multime- ter. You can do a lot more if you happen to have a better model that can also measure (small) AC voltages.

For more advanced measurements such as the frequency response or the distortion it is very handy to use the soundcard in a computer combined with some software. A laptop or note- book can also function without an AC outlet, which means you’ll avoid earth loops and hum during measurements. However, a laptop often has just an oversensitive (microphone) input, so that you need to make a range of volt- age dividers for your measurements. This measurement amplifier has been designed especially for these situa- tions. It has an adjustable input at- tenuation and an input impedance of 1 MΩ, so that standard scope probes with built-in attenuators can be used for even larger AC voltages.

From: Elektor 7/8-2012: look for the article on this page

Note: a gerber file is not a printed circuit board or PCB. Gerber files must be sent to a PCB manufacturer (recommendation: www.elektorpcbservice.com) who can make the PCB with it.

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