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PCBite kit with 4x PCBite probes and test wires

PCBite is the perfect tool for handling your PCB during the design process. Powerful magnets combined with a stainless steel base plate provide flexibility, mobility and user-friendliness.

The holder can easily be relocated to deal with printed circuit boards of different shapes and sizes. The probe is sturdy yet flexible and can be used for immediate measurements or totally hands-free operations with your multimeter or another preferred tool.

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Weller ESF 120ESD PCB-houder

Met de Weller ESF 120ESD PCB-houder fixeert u uw printplaat zonder de noodzaak voor extra benodigdheden of gereedschap.

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Hobby Creek Third Hand V2

Are you frustrated with traditional third hands? Do you want a more adaptable tool? The Hobby Creek Third Hand is the highest quality helping hand on the market!

The Third Hand quickens soldering, electronics, and DIY projects allowing you to finish your work faster than ever before!

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Available within 7-10 days!

Bernstein Schraubstock Spannfix 9-205 LMT

Bernstein Spannfix 9-205 LMT (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition with the finely structured surface in silver-grey-metallic

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 Bernstein 7-511 Digital Caliper 150 mm
Measure anything from gem stones, metal thickness to inside diameters on items up to 150 mm with digital accuracy.
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Tired of the acrobatic finger gymnastic, when soldering? Having to hold your board with one hand while your other hand does the assembly is awkward. EleksFix holds standard PCB boards between four magnetic pins making the process of assembling and soldering so much easier.

The magnetic pins can be moved around freely in any position. They can be used with any type, shape, and size of a board.
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