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Driewegklep-monitor (onbestukte printplaat)

Driewegklep-monitor (onbestukte printplaat)
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PCB for the Three-way CH Boiler Valve Monitor as described in Elektor Magazine March edition 2014.Natural gas powered combination boilers designed for central heating (CH) and warm water use a three-way valve to switch between the two operation modes. A leaking valve can lead to higher gas usage which could lead to a nasty surprise when the energy bill drops on the doormat. This circuit uses NTCs to determine valve failure and activates a buzzer to indicate any anomalies.


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SKU 16803
Redactie-nummer 130140-1
In Elektor # 603
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Lengte 45.71
Breedte 47.32

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Uw review voor Driewegklep-monitor (onbestukte printplaat)

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