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Sensor Extension Module for STEMlab (Red Pitaya)

The STEMlab Sensor extension module V1.0 is an add on board that can be plugged in on top of the STEMlab board to expand its uses and capabilities.

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The STEMlab sensor extension module enables users to interact with more than 30 sensors, indicators and actuators directly from the STEMlab Visual Programming environment.

Users can immediately start measuring temperature, moisture, alcohol, water level, vibrations, UV light, sound, pressure, air quality detect motion,... as well as actuators and indicators like LEDs, displays, motors or relays in order to control high load devices. Furthermore, the sensor extension module also enables users to connect to the Arduino standard shields and extend its functionalities even further.

The sensor extension module is not just a perfect add on for newcomers having fun while learning to program and bring their ideas to fruition - but also for developers that need, or would like to prototype their ideas faster.

13 connectors that enable users to connect up to 30 different types of sensor, indicators & actuators that are all supported by STEMlab Visual Programming environment
• Arduino shield compatibility
• Several jumpers for configuration of I/Os & power
• Additional power can be provided via an on board mini USB connector

Please note: no sensors and no STEMlab board are included with this extension!

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Fabrikant Red Pitaya


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