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Raspberry Pi for Kids (EN)

Program LED dice, crazy color displays, disco lights and much more – and control them by modelling clay! Textbook in English!

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Programming by yourself – with modelling clay into the bargain!

It sounds crazy, but it is actually really simple. With the included components, you will be up and running in no time. It won’t take long before the first LED is flashing, and by the end of it you will be able to light up an entire room with disco lights. And you control all this with self-built modelling clay contacts and the popular Raspberry Pi mini computer. Everyone will be flabbergasted by your efforts!

The text book (in English):
The book explains the basics of the Raspberry Pi mini computer comprehensively and in a beginner-friendly way. Soon the real fun will begin: step by step you will learn how to write new programs, starting with the simple ones and working up to more complex ones as well as building exciting electronics circuits! When it gets a little more complicated, there are many usefull tips to help you.

At a glance:
• Illustrated step-by-step instructions
• Projects that are fun to build
• A programming language developed especially for children

• 2x Breadboards
• 2x LED green
• 2x LED red
• 1x LED yellow
• 1x LED blue
• 3x RGB LED
• 13x 220 Ω resistor
• 6x 20 Ω resisitor
• 1x Insulated hookup wire
• 16x Ribbon cable
• 6x Alligator clip cable
• 3x Plasticine in different colors
• 1x DVD-ROM with USB image tool, Pi_Scratch and imagery
• 2x Manuals (English and German)

Not included:
• Raspberry Pi

Please note:

The packing of this product contains text in German. The included manual is in English only.

Artikelnummer 17352
Taal Engels
Fabrikant Franzis
ISBN nummer 978-3-645-65291-9
Product range Hardware
Aantal pagina's 127
File formaat/grootte 14,8 x 21 cm (Manual)

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1 review(s)

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  1. This 'kit' is not really a kit, as the computer iself is not included. Just a handful of component and some Clay: rather costly.

    (Geplaatst op 31-03-2016) - review door raspberry pi kit for kids

1 review(s)

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