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Q-Watt – Audio Power Amplifier (110656-1)

PCB for the Q-Watt Audio Power Amplifier (110656-1) as published in our Elektor Magazine of September 2013. The article can be downloaded for free to serve as documentation via the link below.

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PCB for the Q-Watt – Audio Power Amplifier (110656-1)

Lots of power with low distortion

Good news for all audio enthusiasts: we are proud to present yet another fully analog circuit developed entirely in house. Despite the simple design of this audio power amp with just one pair of transistors in the output stage, Q-Watt can deliver over 200 quality watts into 4 ohms with exceptionally low distortion thanks to the use of a special audio driver IC.

NOTE: Before ordering this PCB make sure you can lay your hands on the following hard to get parts:

- MG6330-R
- MG9410-R

Artikelnummer 16347
Redactie-nummer 110656-1
In Elektor # UK441
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Lengte 76.7
Breedte 119.25

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