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PowerBoost 1000 Charger and Rechargeable 5 V

PowerBoost 1000C is a great power supply for your project. With its built-in load-sharing battery charger circuit you can power up your project while recharging the battery. It can be powered by any 3.7 V LiIon/LiPoly battery and convert their output voltage to 5.2 V DC to run your 5 V projects.

It is also equipped with an onboard 1 A iOS resistor so you can plug in and charge your iOS device safely

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The PowerBoost 1000C is based around a TPS61090 boost converter from TI. This boost converter offers some excellent features to give freedom to the user

  • Synchronous operation: completely turn off the output
  • 2 A internal switch: Get 1000+ mA from a 3.7 V LiIon/LiPoly
  • Onboard 1 A iOS resistors: Plug in any iOS device for 1000 mA charge rate
  • High efficiency: 90+ % operating efficiency
  • Low quiescent current: 5 mA when enabled and power LED is on, 20 uA when disabled
  • Full breakout for battery in, control pins and power out

Adafruit, to make the charger even more useful, stuck a smart load-sharing LiPoly charger. This charger is powered from the microUSB jack and will recharge any compatible (3.7 V / 4.2 V) LiIon or LiPoly at a max rate of 1000 mA.  There are two LEDs for monitoring the charge rate.

Thanks to the build-in load-sharing, it will switch over to the USB power supply when available.  

For the necessary software, libraries and more information click here and here

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Fabrikant Adafruit Industries

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