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Power supply module for RPi and harddisk - (160494-91)

This power supply will safely power a Raspberry Pi together with a hard disk.

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This unit is designed to work with a ‘standard’ notebook power supply, which usually provides around 19 V/5 A. It will start to work from 5 V and its maximum allowable input voltage is 42 V. A decent, potent supply voltage/current is mandatory for the unit to operate at its maximum performance.

The board accepts a 2.1 mm barrel jack, as found on many standard power supply adapters. It supports any USB powered hard drive up to about 4 A. It should have no trouble powering your PiDrive.

 Note: Neither the Raspberry Pi nor the hard disk nor the case are supplied.

Artikelnummer 18386
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 160494-91

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