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Veelzijdige AVR-print (Platino)

Veelzijdige AVR-print (Platino)


PCB for the Platino (EPS # 100892-1)


PCB for the Platino (EPS # 100892-1)
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Bare PCB for the Platino project, as described in the article Platino Controlled by LabVIEW, published in Elektor Magazine October 2011.

The name Platino is a playful reference to the French (and German) word ‘Platine’ meaning ‘circuit board’, with a slight wink at ‘Arduino’. It is a versatile circuit board for circuits based on an 8-bit AVR controller. With an ATmega168 or ATMega324 Platino can play the lead role in a large number of sketches. And for the most demanding builders it has a convincing trump in hand: it can be fitted with an ATmega1284!


Meer informatie
SKU 16652
Print nummer 100892-1
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Lengte 67.31
Breedte 114.653


120094-11 181.05 kB

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Uw review voor Veelzijdige AVR-print (Platino)

Uw review voor Veelzijdige AVR-print (Platino)

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