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PiXtend V1.3 Full (Raspberry Pi PLC Shield)

PiXtend V1.3 is a Raspbery Pi based universal programmable logical controller (PLC) platform. PiXtend multiplies the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi with numerous digital and analog inputs & outputs.

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PiXtend is a Raspbery Pi based universal programmable logical controller (PLC) platform. PiXtend multiplies the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and forms the ideal base for challenging projects. The PiXtend platform provides numerous digital and analog inputs & outputs, as well as a variety of serial interfaces like RS232, RS485 and CAN.

Interfaces & I/O points are robust and conform to the IEC 61131-2 standard that applies to programmable logical controllers (PLCs) used in the industry. The PiXtend-Controller (Atmel AVR) can be used with the default program or reprogrammed to allow for uncountable features. The double-sided PCB with only leaded components makes building, modifications or repair easy (no SMD).

The kit contains all parts to assemble your own PiXtend board. Detailed instructions with many images, tips and hints make it easy to build. Soldering required.

Hardware configuration
• 8x digital inputs, 3.3/5/12/24 V
• 6x digital outputs, max. 30 V/3 A
• 2x PWM/Servo outputs
• 4x relays, max. 230 V/6 A
• 2x analog voltage inputs, 0-5 V/0-10 V
• 2x analog current inputs, 0-25 mA
• 2x analog outputs, 0-10 V
• Up to 4 GPIOs
• Serial interfaces: RS232, RS485 & CAN 2.0B
• Real Time Clock (RTC) with battery backup
• Supports up to 4 temperature and humidity sensors
• 433 MHz transceiver, pluggable
• Switching power supply with wide input range: input 12-24 VDC, output 5VDC, 2A
• All interfaces & I/Os are short-circuit protected
• Power supply input protected against inverse polarity and thermal overload

• Raspberry Pi not included. The PiXtend V1.3 can be used with the Raspberry Pi 3, 2, 1B+ and 1B.
• Power supply needed: 12 V/1.5 A.

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  1. Een kit voor de wat meer gevorderde hobbyist maar mits een beetje geduld mag het eindresultaat er wel wezen. Kit werkt super in combinatie met CodeSYS, de handleiding is duidelijk en zo heb je voor 35€ al een compleet werkende PLC van industrieel niveau! Aanrader

    (Geplaatst op 27-05-2016) - review door ThomasPips

1 review(s)

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