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PDF DOWNLOAD juni 2011 (NL)

Download hier de digitale versie van het Elektor juni-nummer in PDF formaat. Een link naar uw download is na aanschaf direct in uw account terug te vinden. Open de wereld van Elektor nu gemakkelijk op uw computer, tablet of smartphone met de deze losse PDF uitgave.

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Table of Contents Elektor June 2011

  • Audio DSP Course (2)
    Part 2: DSP programming
  • AVR and 8051 drive 2-colour LEDs
    Design Tip
  • Developing Apps for Android
    Using a PC, BeagleBoard, phone or tablet
  • Down to earth
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Driver plate modification for ElektorWheelie
    E-Labs Inside section
  • E-blocks: Flowcode RC5
    Add remote control to your projects
  • Elektor OSPV1
    An open source vehicle project
  • Geolocation with the ATM18
    Do you know where your ATM18 is right now?
  • Here comes the Bus! (6)
    Part 6: Elektor experimental PCBs and more
  • Hexadoku June 2011
    Puzzle with en electronics touch
  • Hurricane at SMD scale
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Inside USB
    De-mystifying the protocol
  • Measure Gamma Rays with a Photodiode
    Radiation detector using a BPW34
  • PCB design: beware the tiny details!
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Picoscope 3000 On Test
    A new series of computer scopes in practice
  • Solid Light: the Remarkable Prehistory of the LED
  • Stellaris ARM Controller goes Biological
    Design considerations for an egg incubator
  • Those Lying Instruments
    Gerard's Column
  • VGA Add-on for Microcontrollers
    Don’t bin your old monitors any more!
Artikelnummer ND-0572
Taal Nederlands
In Elektor # NL572
ISSN ISSN 0013-5895
Publicatieformaat Digitaal
Aantal projecten open
Aantal pagina's 88
Fabrikant Elektor Digital

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