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PDF DOWNLOAD juli/augustus 2011 (NL)

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Table of Contents Elektor July/August 2011

  • ‘SCAP’ AVR Programmer
  • 100 Mbit/s over Copper Wire
    How VDSL2 works
  • 2/4/6-hour Timer
  • 70 A Solid-state Starter Relay
  • A few DC Solid-state Relays
  • Adjustable Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
  • Analogue LED Chaser Light
  • Arc Welding Effect for Model Railway Layouts
  • Arduino Nano Robot Controller
  • Arduino Shields
  • ATM18 and Three 1-Wire Thermometers
  • ATM18 Youth Repellent
  • Audio Level Adapter
  • Automatic AC Power Switch for the Holiday Home
  • Battery Charge Monitor
  • Belgian Earth Fault Detector
  • Breakout Board for PIC10F2xx (SOT23-6)
  • Chaos Generator
  • Cheapest Ever Motion Sensor
  • Constant Current Source Adjustable Down to 0 mA
  • Current Source for Grounded Load
  • DC/DC Converter using LT1376
  • Debouncer for 12 V Contacts
  • Dog Whistle for Ronja
  • Electric Guitar Preamp, Mixer and Line Driver
  • Emitter-Follower Audion
  • Equalising HEXFETs
  • Experimental Hall Sensor
  • Extra Port Connections for the R8C/13
  • Flat Battery Indicator
  • Floating Supply for Panel Meters
  • Getting Started with your Free LPCXpresso Board
  • Hexamurai
    Brain teaser for the electronics minded
  • Hexley Ball wins first ever mbed competition
  • High Voltage Generator
  • I2C User Interface
  • IR Tester
  • Jogging Timer
  • Laser Level Detector
  • LED Chase
  • LED Multi-Flasher
  • LM2931-5.0 is a Random Noise Generator too
  • Low-cost Wire Stripper
  • Maglev Demo
  • Make Your Own Solder Mask Overlays
  • Make Your R8C/13 Speak CAN
  • Measurement Filter for Class D
  • MHz Oscillator using an ATtiny15
  • MicroSD Card Connectors
  • Mini Experimental Board for ATtiny45
  • Mini Flasher
  • Minimalist Dip Meter
  • Morse Clock
  • NPN Relaxation Oscillators
  • NXP mbed Design Challenge Winners
  • OBD Vehicle Protection
  • Oil Temperature Gauge for 125 cc Scooter
  • Pictures for the Masses
    Big screen LED displays
  • Power Controller for Electric Convector Heaters
  • Power Supply with High Voltage Isolation
  • Protecting PE Water Pipes against Frost using Electric Fence Tape
  • Pump Controller with Liquid Level Detection
  • Rabbit RCM5600W
    Development Kit for Wi-Fi
  • Reanimating Probe for AVR μC
  • Regulator for Three-Phase Generator
  • Repeatable COM Port Enumeration
  • Return of the Elex Prototyping Board
  • RGB Solar Lamp
  • Ring Oscillator
  • Roadwork Traffic Signals for Modellers
  • Router UPS
  • RS-232 Level Shifter with Isolation
  • Sceptre: Driving a Touch Screen Arduino-style
  • Simple Low Cost Square Wave Generator & Tester
  • Sixties-style 40 W Audio Amplifier
  • Slave Flash for Underwater Camera
  • Small Lamp — Huge Bill
  • Tachometer Pulse Divider
  • Tandem Doorbell
  • There’s more than sand in The Valley
    a history of Silicon Valley, without most of the silicon
  • Time Transporter
  • Timer for Very Long Periods
  • Triangular Wave Oscillator with Sine Wave Converter
  • Twilight Switch
  • Universal 3-wire Flasher Unit for Scooters
  • Universal Tester for 3-pin Devices
  • Upgrade your USB Hub
  • USB Charger using Pedal Power
  • Variable Voltage Injector
  • Video Switch for Intercom System
  • Voltage Limiter for Guitar Amplifiers
  • Water Level Detector
  • WAV Doorbell
  • Wideband Receiver for Spark Transmissions
  • Wire Loop Game
  • Zero-IC 24-LED Pulsed Cycle Light
Artikelnummer ND-0573/574
Taal Nederlands
In Elektor # NL573/574
ISSN ISSN 0013-5895
Publicatieformaat Digitaal
Aantal projecten open
Aantal pagina's 120
Fabrikant Elektor Digital

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