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Table of Contents Elektor December 2011

  • Android as a Development Platform
    Using low-cost tablet PCs in embedded applications
  • Audio DSP Course (6)
    Part 6: Digital signal generator
  • Electronic LED Candle
    You can blow it out!
  • Here comes the Bus! (10)
    Part 10: Readings with 22 bits of precision
  • Hexadoku December2011
    Puzzle with an electronics touch
  • Itsy Bitsy Spider...
    E-Labs Inside section
  • LED Cycle Lamp
    High-tech on the trail
  • LED Exorcism
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Pick-proof Code Lock
    Using 128-bit AES encryption
  • Pins to length
    E-Labs Inside section
  • RCA Cosmac Development System IV (CDP18S008) (ca. 1978)
    (Retronics series) hELLO wORLD from Embedrock City
  • Robusta: a Satellite Built by Students
    Picosatellites to promote space education
  • Smelly bus
    E-Labs Inside section
  • Speaking Out Loud
    Gerard's Columns
  • The PCB Prototyper in Practice
    Perfect for prototypes and small batch production
  • Time-lapse Photography with an Android Tablet
    Using a servo-operated shutter release
  • Turn your Oscilloscope into a Reflectometer
  • USB Data Logger
    Store serial data conveniently, safely
  • Work in progress
    E-Labs Inside section
  • XPort your Ideas to the Web
    A software development environment for XPort Pro, including three example applications
Artikelnummer ND-0578
Taal Nederlands
In Elektor # NL578
ISSN ISSN 0013-5895
Publicatieformaat Digitaal
Aantal projecten open
Aantal pagina's 88
Fabrikant Elektor Digital

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