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Linear Audio 9

Linear Audio Volume 9 is the 10th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

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Linear Audio Volume 9 is the 10th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

In this edition:

Audio advertising

Rudy van Stratum asks himself: How do they see us? A short history of advertising in audio.


John Escallier discusses Semiconductor junction dissipation and temperature – theory and practice for a reliable design.

Circuit design

John Vanderkooy teamed up with Kevin Krauel and Todd Schneider to design A Low Parts Count Audiophile Power Amplifier – look Ma, only three active devices! After a short digression to complete his part 1 article, Giovanni Stochino completes his landmark series with part 2 of Recent investigations and developments related to feedback and feed-forward error correction. If you are interested in testing several phono preamp topologies and device choices, Burkhard Vogel’s The RIAA Phono- Amp Engine II provides the perfect testbed and comparison setup.

Test and Measurement

Cyril Bateman’s article series on ‘capacitor sound’ in Electronics World needed to be updated with new insights and parts, after more than a decade. Capacitor sound revisited – Distortion mechanisms behind the sound of Wound and Stacked Capacitors tells all. Your Editor took some time out from editing to investigate Thermal transient variation of power amp quiescent current – Instrumentation and findings. Yes, it exists; and no, it doesn’t hurt.

The Way I see it…

In Class D – an audiophile’s dream? Stan Curtis mulls over the strengths and weaknesses of class D.

Book review

Bob Cordell, a very experienced user of Linear Technology’s LTspice simulator, reviews Gilles Brocart’s The LTSPICE IV Simulator – Manual, Methods and Applications and wished he’d had it years ago. Douglas Self’s Small Signal Audio Design is already in its 2nd edition; Jean-Pierre Vanderreydt gives it a thorough review, and likes what he reads.

Enjoy another issue packed with creative, innovative and thought-provoking articles!

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