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Linear Audio 11

Linear Audio Volume 11 is the 12th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

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Linear Audio Vol 11 is the 12th issue of a series of printed bookzines dedicated to technical audio and perception.

In this issue:


AudioXpress’ Joao Martins reflects on the life and work of Oliver Sacks in Music is part of being human.


Gary Galo delves into RIAA Equalization for Displacement-Sensitive Phono Cartridges and gets to the bottom of it. Hans Polak is Digging deeper into Error Correction1 and trades views with Giovanni Stochino in an effort to get to the bottom or error correction in Error correction in power amplifiers – implementation issues and reply to Mr. Polak. Michael Kiwanuka researched Slewing in Audio Amplifiers of the Thompson Topology and goes to the root cause of slewing assymmetry.

Circuit design

Dimitri Danyuk sets out to design A high-performance single gain-stage Preamp to match a low impedance level control; Douglas Self sets out to design The Devinyliser ,while Guido Tent explains Cathode followers: Love ‘m or hate ‘m. Eugene Dvoskin comes up with Low-cost superregs – design, performance and stability showing that you don’t necessarily need to use expensive parts for great performance. Burkhard Vogel, not content with leaving ends loose, is back with The Glowing NoiseMaker Reloaded.

Room acoustics

Hannes Allmaier warns us Don’t put speakers in rooms & what happens if you do giving much needed insight into what really makes your system sound as it does. The CoFusor — Quick! Call the patent office! – is Bill Waslo’s contribution with simple and low-cost means to better sound in our listening rooms

The Way I see it…

Stan Curtis is Taking a Balanced View on how to feed your equipment with the cleanest mains power.

Book reviews

Jean/Pierre Vanderreydt reviewed the 3rd edition of Douglas Self’s Self on Audio, and found that even with overlap in other books, it still is a worthwhile addition to your library. Stuart Yaniger reviewed Menno Vanderveen’s Trans Tube Amplifiers on transconductance amplifiers which got him thinking about a few alternative approaches.

Enjoy another issue packed with creative, innovative and thought-provoking articles!

Jan Didden, Publisher/Managing Editor

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