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LC Meter bare PCB (Platino Add-on system) (130341-1)

A simple Platino based portable bench instrument to measure the capacitance and inductance is designed for not too demanding (hobbyist) applications. This Platino based LC Meter instrument can be used to measure the inductance and capacitance ranging from 10 uH to more than 1H inductance and 47pF to 10uF capacitance.

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The Add-on board consists of a circuit for generating a resonant frequency for measuring inductance and an opamp circuitry for generating a frequency based on the charging and discharging of the capacitance to be measured. These frequencies are then read by the software to determine the inductance and capacitance of the connected component. LCD display and rotary encoder for displaying and user interfacing are also provided.


  • DC Input: 12V to 15V DC
  • Elektor Platino with ATMEGA328P microcontroller.
  • 16 X 2 LCD Display
  • Inductance range 10uH to 1H
  • Capacitance range 47pF to 10uF


  • Auto range selection.
  • Rotary encoder to select the Inductance and capacitance mode.
Artikelnummer 18404
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 130341-1

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