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Actieve LED-kerstboom (Module 120634-91) (UITVERKOCHT)

Hyperactive LED Xmas Tree (Module)

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Hyperactive LED Xmas TreeWith elaborate light show and daisy-chain capability - Published in issue 432 December 2012Complete module : xmas tree + controller pcb + frontWhile in the past we usually had to make do with a string of tiny fragile light bulbs which would flash at the most now we can choose from many different types of LED lights with built-in light effects. But as a real electronics enthusiast you can of course make one that is much better and more elaborate such as this Xmas tree which with 56 LEDs can display an extensive light show lasting more than three-quarters of an hour.

Please note: power supply of 5V is NOT included in this module

Artikelnummer 16678
Redactie-nummer 120634-91
In Elektor # 432
Fabrikant Eurocircuits
Lengte 60.96
Breedte 106.68
Microcontroller pcb

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