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GrovePi+ Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

Carrying a GrovePi+ board together with 12 carefully selective Grove sensors with 10 pieces cables, this starter kit gets you up and running with the Raspberry Pi quickly. Just slip the GrovePi+ board over your Raspberry Pi and connect sensors to the board, you’re ready to start hardware playing and prototyping with this powerful platform.

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The GrovePi is stacked on top of the Raspberry Pi. There is no need for any other connections. Communication between the two occurs over the I²C interface. All Grove modules connect to the universal Grove connectors on the GrovePi+ shield via the universal 4 pin connector cable.

The Grove modules work on analog and digital signals, they connect directly to the ATmega328 microcontroller on the GrovePi+. The microcontroller acts as an interpreter between the Raspberry Pi and the Grove sensors. It sends, receives, and executes commands sent by the Raspberry Pi.

The GrovePi+ is compatible with Raspberry Pi 3, 2, 1B+, 1B, A+.

Please note: The Raspberry Pi board is not included.

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