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Geekcreit Spherical POV Kit with blue LEDs

A unique spherical project that lets you create and display all kinds of images and messages

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Rotating motherboard 8.1 cm
Rotation display diameter 9.2 cm
Side Panel 7.5 cm
Power supply 5 V external power / USB cable /
DIY battery supply (battery not included)
Acrylic bottom box
(excluding coil and motor shaft)
11 cm x 11 cm x 4.5 cm


  • 2 sets of text scrolling cycle: up to 850 Latin/Chinese characters
  • Stop scrolling through remote control
  • Edit the displayed text via the provided PC software
  • Clock and date display: with a build in backup battery it keeps working after being disconnected
  • Photo display: Photos must be 64 px wide, monochromatic

You can find all the necessary software, as well as examples, here

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