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Gameboy Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (990082-91)

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The GBDSO is a plug-in module that turns the popular Nintendo Gameboy Classic, Pocket, Colour or Advanced into a versatile dual-channel oscilloscope. An optional link to a PC even allows measured oscillograms to be viewed or stored on the PC. The GBDSO rocked the electronics hobby world and that�s why we continue offering ready-built GBDSO modules (including the associated PC software and the magazine articles).


- Dual trace display

- Bandwith 100 kHz

- Sample-rate max. 1 Msa/s

- X-Y-recorder

- Real-time FFT-mode with dB scale

- Adjustable persistence in X-Y mode

- PC link for image and or data transfer

- 5-hour operation from NiMH battery pack

- Averaging- and auto-trigger-functions

Artikelnummer 12864
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 990082-91

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