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Flip & click

Flip & click is a two-sided development board with a split personality. It can be used as a 32-bit ARM-powered Arduino Due, but it can also run Python. In either case, it’s a beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards (out of hundreds available).

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Meet Flip & click, Arduino’s close cousin. This board shares a lot of Arduino DNA — Atmel’s 32-bit AT91SAM3X8E MCU, the familiar pinout, firmware to program it like a regular Arduino — but it has a tendency to flip. When it does, you’ll get to see its other side — four mikroBUS sockets for connecting click boards. You can amp up the functionality of your device by just adding one of the boards available on our website. Imagine what can you do with four!  All sorts of sensors, transceivers, encoders, displays, connection ports are at your disposal. Separate communication lines allow for thousands of click board combinations, with no need for unsightly stacking or wire jumping.


Architecture ARM (32-bit)
MCU speed 84 MHz
MCU Memory 512 KB of Flash, 100 KB of SRAM
Programming Via Arduino Bootloader
Expandability 4 x mikroBUS sockets, 1 x Arduino UNO socket
Integration Mounting Holes

Using Flip&Click SAM3X with Arduino IDE

  1. Plug in Flip&Click SAM3X (use the USB port next to the power socket).
  2. Launch Arduino IDE (Flip&Click SAM3X is recognized as Arduino Due)
  3. Start writing Arduino sketches.

Using Flip&Click SAM3X with Python

  1. Start Zerynth Studio
  2. Plug in Flip&Click SAM3X
  3. Select MikroElektronika Flip & click from available boards
  4. Click Install virtual machine
  5. Start writing Python scripts.


Flip & click User Manual

Arduino IDE

Zerynth Studio

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