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Fidget spinner - programmed controller (170184-41)

Fidget spinner - programmed controller (170184-41)

This fantastic persistence of vision (POV) fidget spinner uses seven blue LEDs to display text messages when spinning.

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Programmed ATmega328PB-AU (TQFP-32) for the Fidget spinner.

The heart of this device is an ATmega328PB controller which you can program to make it display your messages. Seven different modes are possible, including a revolution counter and a battery level gauge. Through in-circuit ISP programming, you can set your text; a 1 KB EEPROM gives you lots of space to store it. Works on two button cells. A 3D printed enclosure completes this project.

Artikelnummer 18522
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 170184-41

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