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Experimental Doppler Radar - programmed controller (160385-41)

Make speed measurements of pedestrians, cars or other moving objects just by pointing the Doppler radar at the target. This programmed controller is one of the components for this project.

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Programmed controller for Experimental Doppler Radar Measure the speed of a pedestrian, a car, a ball or other moving objects with this Doppler radar. Point it at a moving target and read the speed on a large 1”-high, 3-digit, 7-segment display.

Designed to fit in a watertight sturdy enclosure with transparent cover the Doppler radar can be used outdoor as well as indoor. A 9-volt battery powers the radar. The Doppler radar transceiver module can be mounted normally or rotated by 90 degrees at either the front or the backside of the mainboard to adjust its aperture angle (elevation 80°, azimuth 34°) to your application.

Power supply: 9 V (12 V max), 110 mA peak, 400 mW average power consumption.
Artikelnummer 18590
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 160385-41

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