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Eurocircuits – online PCB Prototype and small series specialist

Eurocircuits are a European manufacturer of standard technology printed circuit boards (or PCBs). With their headquarters are in the picturesque Belgian town of Mechelen and production units near Aachen in Germany and at Eger in Hungary they specialise in providing prototype and small batch PCBs for designers, product development departments, niche market electronics companies, universities and research establishments.

All Elektor's PCB orders are handled by Eurocircuits and if you have a design of your own, we offer a service called the Elektor PCB Service for prototypes or small production runs. In 2009 Eurocircuits and Elektor originally launched the PCB Service. Since then more than 3,000 users have been registered. Elektor and Eurocircuits decided to extend their service to the Elektor community.

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