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E-lock makes the Internet of Things 100% secure

E-lock makes the Internet of Things 100% secure Elektor and IntelligentSoC have jointly developed the first secure IoT interface, and we challenge you to prove the contrary! SECURE YOUR ‘THINGS’  Welcome to the E-lock Challenge. Here you can discover how to get humble or famous, rich or not-so-rich. With the Internet of Things closing in on us we need tools to make our devices secure to prevent unauthorized access. The E-lock platform provides secure access and secure connections over the Internet.   We believe the E-lock platform is unbreakable — we even put some money on that. Now, that calls for a challenge!   The E-lock challenge invites everyone to crack the device’s security. If you crack E-Lock (and if you're the first), you win US$ 25,000!  

Your mission: To take over control of a remote E-Lock board located under IP, change the certificate, change the board’s TCP/IP number and activate the relay.  To fully participate in the Elektor Chip/E-lock challenge you must follow these steps:

  • Step 1 - Buy the board. You will need to create your own certificate.
  • Step 2 - With the following IP addresses you will have access to the 8 Elektor chip boards—the devices with the Elektor Chip; (ports: 4001, 4003, 4005, 4007, 4009, 4011, 4013, 4015)
  • Step 3 - You will have to copy your certificate to one of the boards — this is where your hacking skills will show off;
  • Step 4 - If you succeed in copying your certificate, you will have full control over the board. You will now need to change the internal board’s IP address and activate the relay;
  • Step 5 - It is mandatory to be able to reproduce how you got access to the board. You will need to send a document to e-lock@elektor.com explaining how you managed break the board’s security and copy the certificate. Also, with that explanation you will need to send the certificate you used, enabling the developers of the board to check your findings. If we are 100% convinced you gained access, we know where to send the prize money!

A Reference Project using the Elektor Chip E-Lock (April 2014 editions) was developed by Elektor Labs to assist participants in cracking the code and hopefully win the competition, as well as explore technical aspects of E-Lock with a view to using the system in their own IoT applications.

Free downloads of Elektor Chip E-Lock Reference Project can be found here.

Join the discussion on E-Lock and its engineering aspects on the Elektor Labs page dedicated to E-Lock.

The challenge will run until May 1, 2014.   Good Luck!   Any questions, please feel free to send a message to e-lock@elektor.com  The Elektor and IntelligentSoC Team


  • Your purchase order of the board will provide us your registration and your details
  • Only one person can win the USD 25000
  • Void in countries/regions where prohibited by law