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Digital Multi-Effects Unit (090835-71)

Bouwpakket met alle printen, onderdelen en Geprogrammeerde controllers/EEPROM

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It's a simple fact: every recording sounds better with the right sound effects. Here we prove that it's possible to generate a variety of effects digitally, including hall, chorus and flanger effects, without having to work yourself to the bone with DSP programming. The circuit is built around a highly integrated effects chip and features an intelligent user interface with an LCD. The result is a treat for the eye and the ear.


� Multi-effect generator with 15 effect algorithms

� Based on the FV-1 effect processor IC

� Frequency response 20 Hz to 15 kHz

� Maximum delay time 700 ms

� 64 memory locations for preset configuration profiles

� Separate user interface

� MIDI In port

� Effect selection and parameter control via MIDI port

� Integrated ramp generator for producing attack/decay effects

� Easy assembly using standard components (except the FV-1 IC)

� Free assembler program for generating user-programmed effect algorithms

Artikelnummer 15148
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 090835-71

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