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Digital Calliper Readout - bare PCB (140343-1v1.0)

Digital Calliper Readout - bare PCB (140343-1v1.0)

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This add-on board lets our Platino board read out up to four digital calipers and comes in very handy when you want to upgrade your lathe or milling machine with a digital position-output. The add-on board contains buffers/converters, a multiplexer and the connectors for linking to the calipers. The Platino LCD displays the real-time measurements of all the calipers connected to the system, thus presenting a way to monitor movements on machines with limited head travel or excursion.
But pay attention: there is no standard as such for the protocol the digital calipers use. The software we provide is programmed to use the following bitstream from the calipers:

X,B,B,B, B,B,B,B, B,B,B,B, B,B,B,B, X,X,X,X, X,S,X,X,

where X’s are don’t care bits, B's indicate a binary number with the least significant bit at the start of the string and S is the sign bit.

Artikelnummer 18561
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Redactie-nummer 140343-1v1.0

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