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Compacte buizenversterker (onbestukte printplaat)

Compacte buizenversterker (onbestukte printplaat)
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PCB for the Compact Tube Amplifier as published in Elektor Magazine January/February 2014 double edition.Many audiophiles have occasionally thought about building a tube amplifier but they are deterred by the high cost large enclosure hefty transformers and complicated wiring harnesses. For all the people in this group this compact low-cost option is a great starting point using PCL86 tubes and readily available components so that everyone can enjoy the warm sound of a tube amplifier in their living room or den.


Meer informatie
SKU 16339
Print nummer 130385-1
In Elektor # 603
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Lengte 89.31
Breedte 122.33

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Uw review voor Compacte buizenversterker (onbestukte printplaat)

Uw review voor Compacte buizenversterker (onbestukte printplaat)

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