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Analog Circuit Design 3

Design Note Collection

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Design Note Collection, the third book in the Analog Circuit Design series, is a comprehensive volume of applied circuit design solutions, providing elegant and practical design techniques. The Design Notes in this volume are focused circuit explanations, easily applied in your own designs. The book includes an extensive power management section, covering switching regulator design, linear regulator design, microprocessor power design, battery management, powering LED lighting, automotive and industrial power design. Other sections span a range of analog design topics, including data coversion, data acquisition, communications interface design, operational amplifier design techniques, filter design, and wireless, RF, communications and network design.

Whatever your application–industrial, medical, security, embedded systems, instrumentation, automotive, communications infrastructure, satellite and radar, computers or networking–this book will provide practical design techniques, developed by experts for tackling the challenges of power management, data conversion, signal conditioning and wireless/RF analog circuit design.

Key features include:

  • A rich collection of applied analog circuit design solutions for use in your own designs
  • Each Design Note is presented in a concise, two-page format, making it easy to read and assimilate
  • Contributions from the leading lights in analog design, including Bob Dobkin, Jim Williams, Georg Erdi and Carl Nelson, among others
  • Extensive sections covering power management, data conversion, signal conditioning, and wireless/RF
Artikelnummer 16894
Taal Engels
Fabrikant Elsevier
ISBN nummer 978-0-12-800001-4
Aantal pagina's 1104
Auteur(s) Bob Dobkin, John Hamburger
File formaat/grootte 22,1 x 27,7 cm


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