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Universeel Audio-DSP board (onbestukte printplaat)

Universeel Audio-DSP board (onbestukte printplaat)
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PCB for the ADAU1701 Universal Audio DSP Board as published in Elektor Magazine January/February 2014 double edition.'Drag `n drop DSP-ing'This Universal Audio DSP board for the DIYer is based on the Analog Devices ADAU1701 DSP and has only through-hole components -- except for the DSP itself. Together with the associated (free!) development environment called SigmaStudio the chip is targeted at those who want an easy migration path from all-analog audio signal processing designs and moving into the digital domain. SigmaStudio requires no programming -- just drag and drop prebuilt blocks such as ":State Variable Filter": and you have a circuit ready in just minutes which can either be implemented as a DSP platform or simulated using this board and then implemented as an analog platform!


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SKU 16437
Print nummer 130232-1
In Elektor # 603
Fabrikant Elektor Labs
Lengte 87.75
Breedte 122

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Uw review voor Universeel Audio-DSP board (onbestukte printplaat)

Uw review voor Universeel Audio-DSP board (onbestukte printplaat)

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