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Mini Modules for Breadboarding (130276-6)

Panel-PCB for five different modules designed to support easy and quick bread-board-prototyping:

  1. 5V Supply module.
  2. Multi-Purpose Module (push button/trimpot/LED/other).
  3. LCD interface module.
  4. PIC16F690 module.
  5. PIC24HJ64GP-502 module.

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This PCB panel comprises five different mini modules designed to save you the hassle of building and rebuilding those often used circuit blocks while testing your design on a bread board. This panel includes PCBs for the following building blocks:

  1. A Power module, fitted with a 78xx regulator, decoupling capacitors and polarity protection (1x).
  2. A Multi Purpose module, suitable for fitting 3 LEDs, a preset potentiometer, a shafted potentiometer, a pushbutton or other components you might need in your design (8x).
  3. An LCD interface module, combining several connections while maintaining functionality, simplifying the interface (1x).
  4. A PIC16F690 module, for those who often use this microcontroller series in their designs. Includes connector for the PICKit 3 debugger and Ice with adapter (1x).
  5. A PIC24HJ64GP502 module, similar to the PIC16F690 module with the PICKit 3 connector, but with a complimentary LED showing output RA0 (1x).

This is the PCB Panel only! The necessary electronic components are not included.

A more detailed description can be found in the March 2014 edition of Elektor Magazine.

Artikelnummer 16338
Redactie-nummer 130276
Product range Hardware
Rubriek Diverse elektronica

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